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Critical Home Inspection Checkpoints: A Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to ‘New Zealand Home Inspection Guide’ by Eye Spy Property Inspections NZ. In this guide, we’ll explore the top five critical areas: roofing, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, and foundation – key elements for a safe and secure home purchase in New Zealand.

Roof Inspection

The roof is your first defence against the elements. Our inspectors meticulously check for damages like missing or cracked tiles and signs of leaks or wear. Roof problems, particularly severe ones, can be a deal-breaker due to the high cost and urgency of repairs.

Electrical System Check

Ensuring the electrical system is safe and up to code is paramount. Our team examines the electrical panel, outlets, and wiring for safety and functionality. Significant electrical issues can be a major safety hazard and are usually a top priority to resolve before a sale.

Plumbing Assessment

The plumbing system, including water supply, drainage, and sewerage, is thoroughly evaluated. Plumbing issues, especially if not addressed timely, can lead to significant damage and are essential to rectify pre-sale.

HVAC System Evaluation

A functioning HVAC system is key to comfort and air quality. While not always a deal-breaker, significant HVAC problems can be costly and may influence a buyer’s decision.

Foundation Examination

The foundation is crucial for structural integrity. Our inspectors assess the foundation for cracks or settling, as major issues here can lead to serious structural damage and often impact sale negotiations.

Addressing These Issues:

Timely attention to these critical areas is vital. Often, the seller might opt to repair these issues, or the buyer may negotiate the price considering future repair costs. The severity of the issues and the willingness of the parties to address them are key factors in the sale process.

Impact on Property Sales:

While not every issue will halt a sale, severe problems in any of these areas can be a stumbling block. The decision often depends on the problem’s extent and the negotiation between buyer and seller. Eye Spy Property Inspections ensures that buyers are fully informed to make the best possible decision.

In summary, this ‘New Zealand Home Inspection Guide‘ provides you with the essential insights needed for a thorough understanding of what to expect during a property inspection in New Zealand.

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